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Hello. I’m Joe Hirst,

a freelance graphic designer in Tampa Florida.


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This is just some of my recent work, you can view my full portfolio too. Feel free to take a look around.

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5 SEO Myths and Tips

SEO Myths – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your Google ranking, placement, etc.. Whatever you call it, I’m here to dispel the myths and give you my input on maximizing your efforts properly. When I started learning about web design, SEO was a huge part of building successful websites that I had overlooked in the early stages. It wasn’t until I was making major changes... continue reading

Designing Better Business Cards

Evaluating other peoples business cards is something I always do out of habit. I tend not to read into the general design so much as I used to, but most people do, and they do it subconsciously. Without realizing, if someone hands you a busy and cluttered business card, it feels overwhelming. Most of the time there’s little to no place for the eyes to settle…

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Free Halloween Vector Faces

Here’s a set of Free Halloween Vector Faces perfect for your next spooky print or digital design. Things are getting a little creepy in the month of October. Halloween is almost here, and I thought I’d share these cute little Halloween Vectors with you. So if you’re getting ready for that next client project, or just have a spooky design in mind, you’re in... continue reading

I’m Available For New Projects!

So you’re looking for a custom logo, brand design, or maybe awesome, unforgettable wedding invitations?