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Hello. I’m Joe Hirst,

a freelance graphic designer in Tampa Florida.


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This is just some of my recent work, you can view my full portfolio too. Feel free to take a look around.

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5 Ways to Attract Clients

With the start of a new year comes new challenges, some things come to an end, and new beginnings arise. Last year I got to work with some truly amazing clients. Not that all of my clients aren’t amazing, I just wanted to let you know the consistency is there. That being said, I didn’t get to work on awesome projects, with great clients... continue reading

7 Questions to ask Clients before a Design Project

Nobody likes asking difficult questions, more so when it comes to hiring others to perform a specialized skill or service for us. We typically hope to just find the best person, within our budget, and have them take care of everything. However, questioning potential clients in the design industry is vitally important to…

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5 SEO Myths and Tips

SEO Myths – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your Google ranking, placement, etc.. Whatever you call it, I’m here to dispel the myths and give you my input on maximizing your efforts properly. When I started learning about web design, SEO was a huge part of building successful websites that I had overlooked in the early stages. It wasn’t until I was making major changes... continue reading

I’m Available For New Projects!

So you’re looking for a custom logo, brand design, or maybe awesome, unforgettable wedding invitations?