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Hello. I’m Joe Hirst,

a freelance graphic designer in Tampa Florida.


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This is just some of my recent work, you can view my full portfolio too. Feel free to take a look around.

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How To Edge Paint Business Cards

So you want to know how to edge paint business cards? When is comes to business cards, everyone is looking for that little something to set their cards off and make them stand out. Edge painting businesses cards is a great way of introducing a jolt of color and adds... read more

Free Social Media Icons

Here’s a set of free social media icons (with .psd file) that I recently created. Occasionally as a creative freelancer, there’s files that never get used. These kinds of files may be Illustrator graphics, PSD files that a client didn’t approve, or the likes that just... read more

Avoid Hitting The Creative Wall

Something that happens to everyone at some point in their life is ‘hitting the wall’ not in the literal sense, but the “creative wall” if you will. The expression itself may have a fairly diverse definition from person to person, but in general, for creatives it boils... read more

I’m Available For New Projects!

So you’re looking for a custom logo, brand design, or maybe awesome, unforgettable wedding invitations?