So, what are the best logo redesigns of 2022 thus far? There’s a lot of noise on the internet about what makes a great logo, and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, some of the more commonly found articles and media are quite invalid. A logo presented to you from a design studio, agency, or freelancer like myself – will almost never be love at first sight. If for some reason it is, then It’s likely not going to be the correct representation for your business. This is especially true if you’re going through a rebrand or logo redesign. This type of reaction often comes from our human nature to not like, or embrace change.

More often than not, a client may have an idea or mental image in their mind – which is often not the best simple or recognizable mark to reflect a business. To fully understand these statements, I could provide a plethora of examples with deep analysis and breakdowns. Instead, in the interest of time, I’ll provide a couple modern examples of great logo redesigns. Use your best judgment on what you know these companies stand for, and what they’re known for. Then, decide if the new logos make sense. After finishing this article, come back up to the top and see if your thoughts and reasoning have varied at all based on your initial decision made here. If you have opinions to share, please feel free to do so at the end of this post!

Great Recent Logo Redesigns

Logo design is not a subjective matter. Though, from the outside looking in – you may have opinions about particular logo design or redesign choices. It’s important to understand that without full insight into the logo redesign, its purpose and goals, we can’t really speak with much of an effective voice unless we are experts in the field. As a logo designer with familiarity with these brands, I can say that my reasoning is based on what I perceive as the brand. It’s important for rebrands and logo designs to be well received by long term  followers of a brand.

The New Renault Logo

The French car company Renault has recently taken a lot of Europe by surprise with he recent Renault logo redesign. It’s not uncommon for car companies to make incremental changes to their logo over the years. However, there’s been a forward thinking trend lately, where a lot of car companies have updated their logo to reflect a more modern and futuristic aesthetic. Clearly we’re moving closer and closer to a future where electric powered cars will be evermore common.


Chrome 2022 Logo

This year, you may have noticed that Google Chrome’s logo was subtly changed. Or, you may have not… Either way, I think though this may be the most subtle change, It’s  possibly the best example of the points I’m trying to make in this article, as far as what constitutes as a great logo. You can see the Chrome logo evolution and subtle new changes in the video below. However, the more interesting takeaway from this is that it matches the previous example of how Renault have simplified their logo to reflect a clean, flat design. Gone are the flashy shadows and ties to realism. Again, this is the most slight change in recent logo alterations by far. Yet, it’s probably one of he best examples of what makes a great logo, due to the size and stature of Google Chrome. Clearly this wasn’t an “on a whim” choice for Google.


A Great logo Is Simple

Adidas recently showed some extra colors when opening their new “sustainability” store in Tokyu Plaza, Japan, back in January of 2022. The store already features their new, Adidas simplified logo which drops the brand name. According to the company, Adidas are releasing a new line known as “Adidas Performance” which is engendered specifically for the sports scene. You can see from the below attached slide where exactly the new logo ties into the brand, along with the relevance for the logo design choice based on consumer prepositions. This clearly segments the brand into three categories, covering fashion, sports, and professional grade sport attire.

new adidas performance logo

The Best Redesign of 2022?

Riot Games recently made headlines again for a sneaky redesign. Not long after an initial and well received logo redesign a few years ago. Riot Games have taken on another iteration of their logo. Many people who have grown to love or become fans of games like League of Legends or the more recent Valorant have not taken too well to this slight redesign. Again, much like the Chrome example above, this 2022 logo design reinforces simplicity and progressive thinking. Though Riot Games are known for their video games, and likely the insanely popular Arcane animated series on Netflix. Riot are a cooperate business. While I personally prefer the image of the last Riot Games logo, the 2022 redesign is much more legible, and brings the habitually smaller “games” to the same level of importance as the “Riot” text, making a much more legible brand image.


The Best Logo of 2022

Without a shadow of a doubt, from all the rebrands and redesigns of logos in 2022, thus far, my favorite is Udemy. While I’m personally not a customer, nor teacher (yet) on Udemy. I can’t but stop and think “that just works” for them. I’m sure you’re familiar with the name, but if not – Udemy are an online educational platform where you can learn things like how to start a small business, the basics of graphic design (including logo design), and much more. The name Udemy comes from the idea of “you-to-me” type education. This logo has been followed up with an entire Udemy 2022 rebrand, and I think it’s the best presented and well received redesign of 2022. They really hit the nail on the head with this, and think they really speak to their audience. This is a massive leap forward compared to the old Udemy logo unveiled back in 2017.

Udemy 2022 new brand logo