Hey! I’m Joe Hirst, a Brand Identity Designer

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I’m an independent graphic designer based in Tampa, Florida,
specializing in logo design, and brand identity design.

Working with clients all over the US and around the world, I help design brands which give businesses the right visual identity to launch and carry them forward through their success story, but I don’t just make pretty things. Working to help my clients realize their creative problems, I solve those pain points through creative thinking, planning, strategy and visual identity design.

It’s a collaborative effort to communicate to a target audience with influential, strategic design. Don’t just take my word for it, check out these awesome brands I’ve designed to thrive and build their own success story.

I also create content to educate business owners and others in the design industry, to master their craft, while providing helpful and educational content through video among other forms of media.

Logo Design

Creating the right visual to identify your business, brand, product or service. This is a unique challenge in itself, and requires clear, creative, design thinking. Your logo needs to be simple enough to remember, but needs to resonate with the target you’re going to connect with. It also needs to be meaningfully different.

Brand Identity Design

Identity design is a creative challenge for many businesses. I love the complexity in taking company ideology, values, culture, personality and more, then distilling those into clean visuals which represent your business traits, designed to connect with your target audience.

What Else?

Logo design, identity design, and branding are some of the major creative problems I help clients with. However, I do far more than that. From strategy to social media branding and more. Your brand identity extends far beyond a logo, colors and some carefully selected typefaces. 


Originally I’m from a small town outside of London, England. I moved to the US over a decade ago, and have been freelancing for almost just as long.  I’ve always been interested in the “why” to better solve the “how” questions. To me, being able to better understand the “why” challenge for branding and logo design helps me better the way in which I assist clients. With a clear roots in the foundation of goals, business personality, target audience and more, I can better design to reach your ideal customers.

Teaching & Content For Creatives

Helping businesses take their big step with graphic design goes beyond passion. I’m also a huge fan helping other creatives learn and progress their technical skills. From creating content to help both business owners and other creatives get to grips with best practices and industry leading strategy for their goals. I teach both the technical side of design on YouTube, along with visual design principles that anyone can follow. Whether small businesses or professional designers, the content I provide in video format is designed to help anyone grasp the basics, and understand the strategy behind the visual part of design.

Have a Project in Mind?

If you’re interested in working together, get in touch.