Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about logo design and brand identity design projects.


How long will this project take?

Typically my client projects take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to complete, depending on deliverables. Every client has different needs, so feel free to reach out and discuss this with me.

Can we hire you for something smaller than branding or a logo?

My specialty and area of expertise lay in logo design and brand identity design. This often encompasses things like business cards, letterheads, promotional items, social media posts and much more.

I generally work with businesses who are looking to build a brand from the ground up. Small or one off projects are better suited to a production designer or generalist. If you don’t have an established brand identity, or are looking to establish one then we should talk.

We need a website too, can you make one?

I no longer provide website design or development. That in itself is a specialty, and I’d highly recommend finding a specialist firm or freelancer to handle this for you. They can reference your identity style guide that we develop through your branding to build the site for you.

If you need to consult with me on your website, I may be able to provide key information and insights as far as design and layout goes, to make sure your brand remains consistent and clear.

Can you help us write copy?

I don’t provide copy writing services, but can provide assistance for taglines, slogans, or other short messages during your identity design as needed.

We've outgrown our current brand identity, can you help?

If your business is outgrowing your current identity because it’s dated or wasn’t originally developed by a specialist and your growth demands new or up to date branding, I can help with that. This is known as a rebrand or brand refresh.


I already know what I want my logo and brand to look like, can you make it happen?

No. You need a technician to bring your design idea to life in this case, not a specialist.

I take the time to understand and unearth my clients pain points, their target demographics, vision for their brand, and more. I provide creative strategic solutions to create success stories and grow with my clients every step of the way.

We just need a logo, can you help?

Often prospects tell me this and their needs go much deeper. There are outlying cases when sometimes all you need to get off the ground is a logo designer, but more often than not a logo will expand your needs. Where will you be using the logo? Business cards, letterheads, shirts, thank you slips, boxes and packages? You’ll ideally need to find a specialist who can handle these requirements for you also.

How do I know we will like what you design?

This is a two part answer. Firstly, you should absolutely look over my previous logo and branding projects to get a feel for my capabilities and design style.

Second, sometimes logo and identity design doesn’t hit the “I love it” mark, but more the “oh yes, that makes sense!” one. Visual identity and branding is how you’re perceived by your ideal demographic, not how your ideal demographic thinks you perceive them.

We're a small business or startup, can you help us?

I work with clients of all business sizes, from small local businesses and newly funded startups to corporate offices and large property industries


Can you price match?

Price matching would devalue the service and expertise I can provide to you and turn what I do into a commodity. I’ve spent years refining my processes, from a generalist designer to a specialist logo and identity designer. The success of my clients is just as important to me as it is them, and as such they deserve absolute dedication to their creative needs. Limiting my ability to do that for you because of budget constraints would be an injustice to you.

How do I know if we'll be a good fit?

Our compatibility is important. You should definitely take a look at my recent logo and brand identity design projects in my portfolio. Do these brands and businesses look like they have a general style and feel you’re after?

Could you see your business brand and identity fitting in here? If so, reach out. During our first few emails and/or calls – I will get a better understanding if I can help you achieve your business and brand goals, and you will too.

We're not in Tampa, or Florida. Can we still work together?

Absolutely! A large portion of my clients aren’t local, and I’m used to handling projects without ever meeting some clients face-to-face. Add into the mix the recent global events, some clients have needed to adjust the way they work. Zoom meetings, live presentations, email, and phone calls are just as normal to me as you and your team.

Do you have other questions, are you looking to know more?

Sometimes you have other questions, I completely get that.