Design Process

My design process follows the same principle, repeatable steps. From you first reaching out to me, we begin a conversation about what your goals are and why you might need an identity designer.

From there we may set up a brief call, or continue to speak about your pain points and goals for your brand and visual identity. This gives me a general idea about your business and understanding of your needs.

brand personality questionnaire photo

1. Agreement

When prospects are ready to move forward with a logo or identity design project, I send over a project scope and agreement in one document. The project scope outlines the objective and details what the project consists of, in plain English. The agreement portion consists of an agreement on deliverables, turnaround time, ownership rights, price, etc… The steps which follow are:

  • Signed & dated project agreement
  • A standard 50% of the project is paid up-front*
  • Remaining balances are satisfied before final deliverables

*Requirement for all new clients – payment plans available

Deeper Client Discovery

Our initial contact is part of the discovery process. Usually part of this process has already happened, and at this stage I’ll send you a brand personality questionnaire. Those answers will serve as a platform to dive deeper into discovering and uncovering your brand personality, it’s unique voice, and how best to reflect your business and brand. From here I ask clients more strategic questions that involve some or all of the following:

  • Business history – Where you’ve been, and where you’re aiming
  • Competitor discovery – What works and how you can be different
  • Brand personification – The personality traits of your brand
  • And more…

Every project is unique. As such, less or more information may be necessary to uncover a diagnosis for your brand identity or logo design project. Some questions might be asked earlier, or later. There’s no exact science, but the steps to successful project completion are simple, repeatable principles.

2. Strategy

Building a brand strategy is all about creating a plan, and finding strategic logic which brand research, competitor analysis, and deep questions uncover. Depending on your business goals, your strategy might be simple, or more complex. Part of your future brand strategy will be covered in your brand identity guide, an in depth set of instructions to follow for brand consistency.

Other parts of this strategy may be inclusive of your social media presence and the brand reflection or brand voice you’ll create online. Either way, we’ll craft a set of rules and guidelines for your business to follow so your brand can remain visually consistent.

3. Design

The design phase is where planning meats visual execution.
Based on our conversations about your goals and strategy we plan, I begin the creative stage. This is simplified into a few main steps, but basically consists of creating digital concepts, refining concepts based on objective feedback for you goals, and then final file delivery (deliverables).

This process is broken down further below. For those who are interested in what stages of the creative process look like or what the process broadly entails.

The Creative Process

Sometimes prospects and clients are interested in the actual creative process and what goes on during this phase. Once we begin a project and reach the design phase it’s a repeatable three step process.


Using the deep pool of information during discovery and other meetings with you, I begin the concept phase where I draft initial design concepts, create mock-ups, and have another meeting with you to gather feedback and input.


If needed, I refine a concept further with client input. Clients gather internal feedback, then provide that feedback at one time. I make the appropriate revisions and then send revised concepts to you for review.


Once concepts are approved, any outstanding project balances are collected. Final artwork is created and delivered after this, along with all supporting elements and brand identity guidelines for identity design projects.

4. Launch

At this point, everything has been designed to ensure that brand launch is easy and efficient. All professional level files will be ready to go to print vendors, and internal use files are ready for distribution throughout your organization. Things like your social media templates or framework, and identity guidelines, and strategy – along with your print (professional press files) and more, are neatly packaged and delivered on project completion. You’re ready to launch!


Questions About The Process?