Raidboss – Logo & Identity Design: Case Study

Gamer Brand Raidboss Main Hero Logo

Project Goal

Design the logo and brand identity for a startup software company come gamer brand, Raidboss. The Logo and brand needs to captivate and appeal to gaming culture, while still being timeless and professional. The brand should appeal to both male and female gamers.

Project Details

Client: Raidboss
Skills: Strategy, Logo & Identity Design
Industry: Software & Gaming Lifestyle

Company Bio

Raidboss is a small team of tech-savvy individuals, gamers, and passionate problems solvers, who strive to create simple software solutions for complex problems, and are looking to enter into the gamer lifestyle sector.

The tight-knit team believe there’s always room for improvement, hold themselves to extremely high standards, and don’t back down in the face of a challenge, daring to see what things could be and working to achieve what could be possible until they achieve it.

Raidboss doesn’t follow trends, they’re a trendsetter, with big heart, a friendly persona and a loud voice. It’s game on!

The Challenge

When the team at Raidboss reached out to me, they had strong vision, but it was clouded with uncertainty and a little confusion.
To get clear vision, we set up a couple strategy calls and video meetings and further defined business goals. We pinned down their target audience and helped the team get more clarity on their vision for the current and long-term life of the business.

We worked closely to distil purpose, mission, ideal audience and brand persona, among other brand and business traits to help set them up with clear direction for the brand, and help me define their brand image and voice. This also helps define the creative objective as we move into mood boarding and design concepts.

brand clarity strategy worksheet segment
project mood boards for client gaming brand and logo project

Concepts and Revisions

After a handful of meetings and conversations we pinned down general thoughts, brainstormed those ideas and thoughts further, discussed strategy possible behind the business and the visual cohesion which will go along with it.

I learned that the team were extremely passionate about gaming and providing software solutions in and around their current professional fields, as well as the gaming lifestyle industry. From there, we moved into a more refined approach. Gradually focusing in on extended goals for the business and ideals for the brand long term. This set the stage for drafting concepts for the logo, and brand identity as we moved from strategy into design thinking.

raidboss mascot sketch ideas
raidboss mascot sketch ideas
Raidboss concept one draft
Raidboss Icon concept 1
gamer lifestyle brand logo drafting
Raidboss concept 2 draft
Raidboss icon concept 2

Almost Perfect…

Initial concepts were received very well. The team were torn between the two concepts, though there’s pretty dramatic differences. Both concepts play into the playful and fun nature of gaming with a little geeky twist. Another couple of meetings with the team and lead UI/UX designer at Raidboss, we pinned down the first concept as the better match.

While the team loved both concepts, we had to remain focused on what was the best suit for the business, brand personality, and what would connect best with their ideal target audience. Helping to keep the client on this track helped us further in the exploration of colors and gave the team and myself a few new things to discuss and think about. This enabled me to collect superb feedback to fine-tune the logo to perfection.

We explored some color palettes, along with some small visual tweaks to the overall logo, most of which were finding the perfect stylized emotion for the mascot face and its shape.

logo revisions animation

Exploring Color

With the Raidboss brand being friendly, but outspoken – I needed to help the client find the best balance between being different but also appealing to their ideal audience, without favoring targeting females or males.

The Raidboss team and I went through about twelve possible candidates for color palettes before we whittled those down to a handful, and then further refined options down to two. Making the final choice for final colors came down to brand perception goals. Red is an attention grabbing color. It’s not often used by more playful brands, at least not as a primary brand color, due to coming across as loud and invoking a state of alertness. This was perfect for Raidboss, and finding the perfect red and complimentary color palette was challenging. However, the results were so worth it.

Brand book brand colors title page
Raidboss gaming lifestyle brand color palette

Visual Identity

With all client projects, once the strategic planning and brand assets are designed, there needs to be a set of rules for the brand to follow so it remains consistent. This is often what brands call their visual identity rules, or “brand book”. These rules will dictate how the logo should and shouldn’t be used, they’ll often have a brand bio, motto, or brand history, and they’ll include rules for typography and color. Often the larger the brand, the more details this will include. It’s not uncommon practice for a brand to update its brand book every few years to every handful of years as they add more brand specific rules to reference for long term consistency.

Raidboss brand playbook brand identity booklet pages
Raidboss full logo with skull mascot
Raidboss slash mark background brand element
Raidboss wordmark large area background logo
We are Raidboss brand playbook page

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